For Emmanuel Macron, “sport should not be politicized”

AA / Paris / Fatih KARAKAYA

The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, estimated this Thursday that it was not necessary to “politicize sport”, during a press briefing in Thailand.

The French president visited Thailand after the G20 summit in Indonesia, and answered questions from journalists, in particular on the organization of the football world cup in Qatar.

“I think that we should not politicize sport”, pleaded the French president.

“The question, whether it’s climate or whether it’s human rights, you shouldn’t ask it every time the event is there, it’s when it’s attributed”, said Emmanuel Macron.

Asked “if he talked about these subjects with them”, the president replied “that he was constantly talking to Qatar and all the other powers about all subjects”.

Believing that he has “friendly and frank relations”, Macron once again judged that “it is a bad idea to politicize sport”.

For Emmanuel Macron, this goes without saying for the World Cup, but also for the Olympic Games.

“I do not know in what context the Olympic Games, which we are going to organize in France, will take place on the geopolitical level. But it is certain that the vocation of these major events is to allow athletes from all countries, including sometimes countries at war, to be able to bring sport to life. And also to find, through sport, ways of discussing where people can no longer talk to each other”, concludes the President of the Republic.

In addition, after casting doubt on his participation in the World Cup, the Élysée had confirmed last Monday that the president would go there in the event of the qualification of the French team for the semi-finals. .

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