For his 40th birthday, [G-SHOCK] unveils a Red Flare capsule

As the brand’s 40th anniversary approaches in April 2023, G-SHOCK is launching a series of commemorative models for its die-hard fans!

The MTG-B3000FR and GWG-2040FR kick things off by embodying two anniversary Flare Red models and sporting the iconic red color of the G-SHOCK brand. The design of these two new watches refers to a powerful solar flare.
G-SHOCK started from a blank page to finally design an indestructible watch, resistant even in the event of a fall. The very first G-SHOCK watch was marketed in 1983, thus shaking up established codes on the fragility of watches.

The 40th anniversary Flare Red models MTG-B3000FR and GWG-2040FR are composed of multi-layered glasses designed with phosphorescent materials in the red color of the G-SHOCK brand. The design evokes solar flares, these massive bursts of intense energy from the surface of the sun. The brand has used a brand new technique developed to laminate sheets of carbon and colored fiberglass together and cut them to the shape of eyewear. The glow-in-the-dark particles mixed inside the fiberglass sheets create a stunning powerful visual effect even in the dark. Each bezel is unique since the materials present a singular appearance depending on where the bezel was cut in the lamination.

For the GWG-2040FR model, phosphorescent particles are also mixed into the forged carbon of the attachments that connect the case to the strap, creating random patterns of intense luminous beauty in the dark.

The logo commemorating G-SHOCK’s 40th anniversary, designed by world-renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze, is engraved on the caseback. These two new models also have four stars, one for each decade”, the first wink that celebrates 40 years of innovation by the G-SHOCK brand.

G-SHOCK MTG-B3000FR-1A: €1350
G-SHOCK GWG-2040FR-1A: 1150 €
Models available at the G-SHOCK Store Paris and on the website

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