For Inkulinati developers, “Game Pass is a win-win situation”

In the register of games with medieval inspirations, there is the recent pentiment from Obsidian Entertainment but not only. Indeed, another title that will soon arrive in the Game Pass is strongly inspired by it. It is Inkulinatifirst production of the young studio, Yaza Games.

The approach of a giant like Xbox for a small team like that of the Polish studio can be confusing. Nevertheless, Ryszard Kieltykaproducer at Yaza Games, describes having had a smooth experience for the arrival of the game in the Game Pass with the colleagues of True Achievements:

The whole process was smooth and painless. And I know what I’m about to say next may sound corny, but from the very beginning of our discussions, we could see that the entire Xbox team is simply passionate about games.

A decision which was at the initiative of Xbox, after having tried the demo and liked the vision carried by the studio, continues Kieltyka.

We were lucky that Xbox liked our demo and the vision for our game. They tried it out, found it good, and told us they wanted to bring Inkulinati to Game Pass players. It was hard to say no to that!


One point that Kieltyka wishes to emphasize is the level of “trust granted by Xbox”. Despite little experience in the sector and at work on their first production, the Yaza Games teams felt supported by the Xbox teams.

[…] This gave a boost to the morale of the team, which felt like they could step up a gear.

Kieltyka shares the opinion of several other teams to have seen their game released in Microsoft’s service. A long-time subscriber, he touts people’s exposure “to a large number of games and genres that they would not necessarily have discovered on their own. » He also highlights the visibility offered for independent titles such as Inkulinati which would not arouse the same curiosity among players in the face of other blockbusters. Moreover, this same curiosity could push him to buy on another platform.

[…] If I’m playing a game on Game Pass that I really like, there’s a chance I’ll end up buying it on another platform. Being on Game Pass seems like a win-win situation for both developers and players.

Eventually, the Yaza Games teams even plan to add a multiplayer dimension to their game. With the presence in the Game Pass, it is all the more potential players who could discover the title. A virtuous loop reminiscent of theaudience that the service offers to studios.

Inkulinati arrives January 31 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Game Pass.


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