For the pleasure of the eyes, here is a GeForce RTX 4080 FE in white!

Using various guides available on the Web to remove the otherwise particularly stubborn cooler from the Founders EditionTeknoMage13 has redecorated its RTX 4080 to harmonize its all-black and white PC configuration.

For this, he used a white Valspar spray to make the paint last as long as possible, in order to cover the otherwise silver outlines of the model. Founders Edition. The heatsink, the fans and the back plate have not been retouched, in order to stick with the overall theme.

The end result is all in all quite sober, but rather convincing, and will not have required a lot of resources. If the Founders Edition of the RTX 4080 comes in a unique color scheme, other manufacturers have split white versions of their respective models.

Except that this means inflating an already very salty note, especially for this new generation of NVIDIA graphics cards. Another illustration, if any, of the famous maxim according to which one is never better served than by oneself.

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