Forspoken shows up once again at the Tokyo Game Show

Square-Enix take advantage of TGS 2022 to show a new Forspoken trailerthe famous ambitious action-RPG of Luminous Productions. Once again, we are presented the funny fate of Frey parachuted into an unknown world, as well as the extent of her new magical powers.

Developed under the latest version of LuminousEngine used on Final Fantasy XV, it is clear that Forspoken has enough to make the retina take off, but recent previews of various specialized media were not particularly packed this magical open world which nevertheless wishes to offer an original experience. If traveling in the open world turns out to be very pleasant, the plethora of spells available is enough to disconcert a bit, especially since such a mental load would not be necessary to get by. And then the open world design would turn out to be awfully classic.

But there’s no going back, and with a release date set for January 24, 2023the publisher has to promote his next AAA to destination from PC and of PlayStation 5. Hoping that Forspoken turns out to be a good surprise and that the title has more in the flop than recent impressions want to let believe.

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