Forza Motorsport still in production

The development of a video game revolves around 4 main stages:

  • The concept phase
  • The pre-production phase
  • The production stage
  • The polishing phase

We know that the next installment of the car simulation license is already in the third phase. In the latest Forza Monthly, freshly released today, Dan Greenawalt and Chris Esaki returned to the development of the title. Dan also came back to these different stages and confirmed that Forza Motorsport was still in production.

In production, we put our heads down and we build. You build together as a team and the goal is to meet your dates, to have great energy, great clarity. You are one and build as a team.
Then the final step, which we will enter next year, is polishing. And polishing is very important. If you have a massive game like Motorsport and a lot of new systems that you’ve redesigned, that’s a lot of surface to polish. And that takes a long time.

If we apply this to the calendar of the title, and its release scheduled for Spring 2023, it is therefore unlikely to see Forza Motorsport reappear early next year. Who knows, the Playground Games teams might prove us wrong!

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