Forza Motorsport will offer 500 cars and 20 environments at launch – News

Let’s start with the numbers that matter: for his big comeback, Forza Motorsport will feature 500 cars (including 100 never before seen in the series) and 20 environments (including 5 never seen before in the series). More than 800 improvements will be available for the vehicles while the environments will of course be available in different layouts. Located in South Africa, Kyalami is the first of these new destinations. For the first time in the franchise, the environments will also be subject to the dynamic scrolling of the time of day and the vagaries of weather conditions, which includes the temperature of the circuit and the humidity of the surfaces. Always in the radius of the new generation demonstration, this Forza Motorsport will support real-time ray tracing effects while keeping the 60fps cap in 4K (except on Xbox Series S, of course).

It has to shine

For the rest, this video presentation insists on the sense of detail, that we are talking about cars that react more realistically to light and whose dust can accumulate in certain corners (essential). The environments benefit from photogrammetry and laser scanned images for more details (especially on the vegetation) but also a credible crowd (we are talking about tens of thousands of spectators fully animated in 3D). Turn 10’s work on the authenticity of the sound also continued, particularly concerning the tires, the suspensions, the exhaust and the turbos. As for the driving experience, it will benefit from a physics “who progressed more than in episodes 5, 6 and 7 of Forza Motorsport combined“, we are told.

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