Foudil Meddahi, 20 years of hypnotizing you

Well known to the Vichyssois for being as present on the ground as on social networks, Foudil Meddahi is a hyper-active trader. Originally from Reims, now 43 years old, he discovered Vichy in June 1999. “I learned to play music at the MJC in Reims. One of the other learners was the cousin of a Vichyssois basketball player MJ Mageot still at the club at the time. He hosted an American musical evening after the last game of the JAV season. I went“. For a year, Foudil is the DJ of Kamel, the singer of the French rap group Alliance Ethnik. Very strong on the turntables, at the end of the 90s, he took part in the French Djing championship in Paris. In the final of the Coupe de France, he even faced the famous DJ of the rappers of the time: DJ Pone. Falling in love with Vichy, Foudil moved there in 2001 and gave DJ lessons in the Presles district of Cusset. With MP3 and illegal downloading coming to the fore, he feels the market is turning and turns to trade.

Discs and streetwear

With the money he saved, inspired by hip-hop fashion and the United States, in 2002 he opened Hypnotik, a French street wear store, located rue Desjoux in Vichy, perpendicular to the street from Paris. At the same time, Foudil will host many R’n’B evenings at the Elysée Palace in Vichy. “During the day, I sold clothes to people. And in my parties, I saw them wearing their outfits that I had sold them. I still remember the posters we were going to put up in Vichy to promote our parties, it was before social networks and it was great“. Then he moved his shop to rue de Paris in 2005.


“When I move, I open my shop on the Internet. And I still remember the first order I received: it was from a person who lived in Cognat-Lyonne, a few kilometers from Vichy. Like what, consuming locally in 2005 was already topical”. Foudil engages with search engines. He knows that everything will go through them to sell online. He puts 3000€ on the table to buy many keywords and ensure that his store on the Web is in the first search results. Then Foudil achieves an incredible blow; bring the rapper Booba to the store for a signing session. On November 28, 2009, the streets of Paris were packed with people. The singer La Fouine will succeed him and the star Nabilla will even promote his shop on social networks. Then, the conditions for the sale of sneakers become tougher. Seeing the women’s clothing market, Foudil ventures into quality non-branded products. The products are snapped up both in store and live on social networks every Sunday evening.

In 2020, Foudil Meddahi was elected Bourbonnais of the year by the readers of La Semaine de l’Allier with more than 1060 votes out of 4533 votes. Two years later, the merchant fan of video games and clothing should open a next ready-to-wear store rue de Paris, not far from his Hypnotik store. Isn’t that ‘Bonhomme’?

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