France team – Selma Bacha: “In this Euro, we lacked efficiency”

Selma Bacha returned to the elimination of Les Bleues during Euro 2022 and explains the reasons for the defeat of the French against Germany.

Revelation of the Blue during Euro 2022, Selma Bacha remains frustrated by the elimination of France in the semi-final of the Euro against Germany.

According to her, this defeat is linked to several factors, including the calendar of the competition, the Germans having had two days of rest more than the French before the semi-final, as she explained to our colleagues from World Eleven : “I won’t take the two days less recovery as an excuse, but that’s part of it anyway. In this type of competition where you have a series of big intensive matches against great nations, the recovery is not negligible. In this Euro, we lacked efficiency. If we had been effective, we would have been through. »

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The left side also confides that it still has to progress in many areas: “I can progress at all levels: tactically, technically, mentally and physically. I want to continue to evolve and become the best left-back in the world. »

Born and trained in Lyon, the player could spend her entire career there: “My contract ends in 2025. I feel very, very good here. Why not spend my whole career at OL? We’ll see from here. OL really is my second family. When we lost the title two years ago, I was really touched. I cried as if I had lost someone from my family. »


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