Fratricidal duel between the Freebox Pop and the Bbox Ultym

Welcome to the big leagues: the Freebox Pop and the Box Ultym from Bouygues Telecom are still stars in the Premium Internet box category. feel free to compare among more than a hundred subscription offers constantly renewed. 4 criteria will be studied for this confrontation: the telephony offer, Internet access, the TV and content offer, and of course the price.

Neck-to-neck telephony

The offers are often similar in telephony: the unlimited is generalized in France to landlines and mobiles, and most of the time, to landlines in Europe and overseas departments as well. Since we are in the rather high-end offers, North America and China are also available on both sides, for a total of more than one hundred destinations in total. One difference only to decide between them, but not the least: if you are a little bit cosmopolitan, Free is the only one of the two that opens up unlimited to mobiles throughout Europe. Advantage for him.

Internet access: between the two, our heart swings

The Box Ultymit is a modem which delivers up to 2 Gbps downlink shared bit rate, 600 Mb/s uplink. The very recent Freebox Pop boasts a record throughput of 5 Gbpsalso shared, with a dedicated port at 2.5 Gb/s, and 100 Mb/s better than its eternal competitor in upload speed.

On the home wireless connection side, the Bbox Ultym takes the lead: better than the Wi-Fi 6 of the Freebox Pop, the latest generation Wi-Fi 6E with which it is equipped allows the use of 3 different bandwidths, to use one or the other to the best of its capacity thanks to smart-Wi-Fi, and even to distribute the flow between them. To you seamless streaming, while your teenager is playing online, and your spouse is finishing his aperitif video! In addition, with Bouygues, it is possible to have up to two Wi-Fi repeaters against only one for Free.

It is therefore difficult to separate them. But, Free advantage for speed and Bouygues advantage for WiFi.

The TV and content offer: clear advantage to Free

Comparable equipment will be provided: Bouygues Telecom and Free equip you with a Android 4K HDR decoder, capable of supplying your smart-TV with images in cinema quality. The sound will be a little better with the Player Pop, provided you have equipment compatible with the latest standards. But above all, our red shorts had the additional idea: to offer a Apple TV 4K (paying) when subscribing, just to rally all fans of the apple brand.

The TV package of Free also wins the prize for the number of channels, all operators combined: 220 generalist, thematic, foreign TV channels… In addition, the subscription includes a free year of Canal+ Series, 6 months of Prime Video, 3 months of Disney+ , and free access to the Free Ligue 1 app. Bouygues Telecom lags far behind with its 180-channel package, even with SALTO and Disney+ free for 6 months. Equality on the other hand concerning the management of your TV content and applications, and the live control functions: interface WEQO of Free on one side, and the other.

A tighter price at Free, although…

No difference the first year, we just stay under the 30 euro mark at €29.99 per month exactly. This is the commitment requested for the Bbox Ultym, Free does not impose it.

In year 2, things get complicated for the blue shorts: the Bbox Ultym goes to 50.99 euros per month in fiber, where the Freebox Pop only increases by ten euros: it’s a difference of 132€ on the second year!

2nd subtlety: if the two operators offer you, as often, discounts when you associate a mobile plan with your box, Bouygues Telecom only offers small discounts on entry-level subscriptions. Free, on the other hand, plays the generosity card by offering its 210 GB Free 5G package at half price: €9.99 instead of € 19.99: it is not found elsewhere on the market.

So is it still necessary to designate the winner? In this back-to-school season, it’s Free’s red shorts that win, and the Freebox Pop is undoubtedly the most interesting of the brand !

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