Fronde at Apple after the announcement of new advertisements on iPhone

It is a stone in the pond that our colleagues from home The Information this week. According to the English-language media, which was able to investigate what is going on behind the closed doors of Apple Park, Apple employees would be forced to limit their vocabulary to avoid tarnishing the image of a highly criticized project. of the Apple. It is about its ambitions to offer a whole marketing suite to the Facebook Ads, potentially a source of billion dollars in additional revenue.

For management, it is not so no question of talking about “targeting : we will prefer the term “audience refinement“. Similarly, it is recommended to ban “algorithm“, to replace it with “platform“. To justify itself with regard to targeting, Cupertino ensures that it does not allow to specifically target a particular user, limiting itself to cohorts of five thousand Internet users, for the sake of respecting confidentiality. Yeah.

The pill is hard to swallow

Still internally, those who were used to seeing Apple defend the privacy of its customers as best as possible are grumbling. At least seven employees would have issued an unfavorable opinion about the future improved advertising program, believing that the firm is going too far. And this could pay: in 2018, this one would have already tried to add campaigns in Spotlight but the critics would have forced to back down. Of course, remember that these are rumors peddled by The Information and that there is little chance of seeing them confirmed soon by the principal concerned.

Nothing is less sure…

Moreover, another testimony collected by The Information explain that Apple executives would actually already be very satisfied advertising revenue. Understand: there is perhaps no need to go further, according to them. In any case, not enough to build a platform – precisely – as powerful as Adwords at Alphabet or the Business Suite from Meta. Meta is the parent company of WhatsApp, Instagram, Giphy and Facebook.

But anyway, the arrival of new advertisements on the iPhone has already begun. The App Store has been affected since a recent updateand this would also soon be the case for Maps and Apple TV+. - Official App – Official App

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