Fronsadais Tourist Office: the comic strip is on sale

A comic strip by Marie-Laure Alvarez “Emmel” helped by the inhabitants.

The new comic strip “Drôle d’échappée en Fronsadais” is available at the Fronsadais Tourist Office for 10 euros.

As a reminder, the network of Fronsadais libraries, accompanied by the Cultural Service of the Community of Communes of Fronsadais wanted to meet the 9th art, in order to raise awareness and introduce comics to its readers, and more widely to the inhabitants. of the territory.

Marie-Laure Alvarez, Emmel, comic book author (screenwriter and illustrator) was chosen to carry out this project. She went to meet the inhabitants with the complicity of the six libraries of Galgon, Asques, Cadillac-en-Fronsadais, Vérac, Saint-Michel-de-Fronsac and La Lande-de-Fronsac. From there, was born a scenario in each municipality, two boards per municipality which composes a mini comic strip on the Fronsadais, as well as a traveling exhibition.

The printed comic strip as well as the exhibition received an excellent welcome from the inhabitants and participants who came in large numbers to the public restitution organized by the Community of Communes of Fronsadais on Saturday October 8, 2022 in Saint-Michel-de-Fronsac.

On the strength of this success and in the face of requests, the decision was taken to put this support on sale at the Fronsadais Tourist Office.

Valerie Bardin

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