Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: these six amazing sequences that Buckingham Palace absolutely wants to censor (VIDEO)

Buckingham Palace is very clear, certain sequences of the funeral of Elizabeth II must no longer be broadcast. The royal palace has urged British media to remove some footage. They are six in number.

Blunders, blunders or technical problems, none of this is called into question! The “disturbing” moments are much wackier than we imagine… Thanks to the show Daily on TMC, the six problematic sequences are pictured here:

1. Prince George scratches his nose for 3 seconds.

2. The moment Prince Edward and his wife Sophie reach for a tissue to wipe their eyes.

3. The sequence where Princess Eugenie (daughter of Prince Andrew) and Zara Tindall (daughter of Princess Anne) stand up and wipe away their tears.

4. The moment Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice get up “too quickly” to leave the pews.

5. The lowering of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin into the Royal Crypt.

6. The moment the crown was removed from the Queen of England’s coffin.

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