Games with Gold: The last games of September 2022 have arrived

The end is near for the current Games with Gold model. After giving away two Xbox 360 games to Xbox Live Gold members and then to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, Microsoft is about to change its formula by stopping to offer titles from the catalog of the second generation of consoles from the American manufacturer.

While waiting to find out what adjustments will be made to compensate for this loss (replacement with two more Xbox One games? Addition of an Xbox Series X | S game?), we take advantage ofa nice selection for this second half of September. Starting with the Xbox 360 game precisely, since it is about Portal 2a puzzle-game that takes the form of an FPS, like the first episode, with the difference that it is fully playable in cooperation.

On the Xbox One side, it is now possible to recover Double Kick Heroes, a game that ended up in the Xbox Game Pass when it was released two years ago. Note that you can still download Gods Will Falland this until September 30th.

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