Garmin launches a connected watch for children, to reassure parents

The Garmin Bounce is a connected watch for children that works without a smartphone thanks to 4G and offers GPS tracking.

The Garmin Bounce
The Garmin Bounce // Source: Garmin

The domain of connected watches is certainly particularly interesting for sporty or people wishing to always stay connected, but, in recent years, a new audience has emerged: that of children. Several brands have thus launched themselves into the segment of watches intended for the youngest, whether it is Morefit, Imoo, Kiwip or Yonis.

It must be said that connected watches sometimes allow a significant interest for parents, who can easily know where their children are, while allowing them to contact them by SMS. For the youngest, watches often offer fun features such as counting the number of steps, or even certain games, without however being as entertaining as a smart phone.

The Garmin Bounce
The Garmin Bounce // Source: Garmin

Faced with this emerging market, one of the leaders in the connected watch market has decided to take the plunge. Garmin, sixth manufacturer of connected watches and bracelets in the world, indeed announced, this Tuesday, its first watch intended for the youngest, the Garmin Bounce.

A watch with 4G connection and GPS

This connected watch has a 1.3-inch diagonal square LCD screen with a definition of 240 x 240 pixels. Above all, it not only offers GPS connectivity for monitoring the geolocation of children, but also a 4G connectivity to be able to text them. The watch thus has the advantage of not requiring a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, since it can operate autonomously. The Garmin Bounce also offers a walkie-talkie function thanks to a speaker and a microphone to easily send voice messages.

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Garmin also offers on its Bounce functions for monitoring sleep or the number of steps, as well as a counter for 60 minutes of play. A system of tasks and rewards, to be checked off on the watch, has also been integrated by the American manufacturer. Finally, the Garmin Bounce also includes some games accessible directly on the watch, including mental calculation games, timed walking challenges or quizzes. A gamification system has also been put in place if the child manages to meet his daily activity objectives.

On the autonomy side, Garmin announces up to two days of use on its Garmin Bounce. The watch is also water resistant to 5 ATM and can therefore be used for shallow pool swimming.

The Garmin Bounce is available in three colors – green, black and pink – and is already available at a price of 179.99 euros.

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