Gascony and the Basque Country at the conservatory

The Adar duo made the happiness of the Henri Duparc conservatory. There were various Masterclasses such as the introduction to “Pandero” with the percussion students of Lucas Genas, traditional dances with the classical and contemporary dance classes, or traditional songs with the singing students of Emilie Manesco. “We are delighted with this first meeting with the conservatory. It was a pleasure to share our passions with the young people. We hope to return soon. But before leaving, we have this concert at the Gabriel Fauré auditorium” explains the duo.

The concert started with Emilie Manesco’s workshop “Eths Gojats”. They started three songs from the “A lot Vedent” repertoire, which is part of a project bringing together the conservatories of Tarbes, Pau and Mont-de-Marsan. Then the Adar duo took their place. Their music: it is that of the Basque and Gascon countries, two related repertoires.

A meeting between two territories that find each other despite their differences. To this, the two musicians, singers and multi-instrumentalists, put their touch. There are their original compositions like “Zautziak” and their adaptations such as “Au jardin de mon père” by Gilles Vigneault. The perfect marriage between two traditions and originality.

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