Genie offers a white noise alarm option for equipment movement warnings

The new Genie ® Lift Guard ™ White Noise Alarm, now available globally as an option on Genie equipment, offers an alternative to a traditional tonal alarm that can reduce jobsite sound emissions by up to 45%.

Like a traditional tonal alarm, the new white noise alarm sounds when a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) moves forward or backward, or moves up or down. However, instead of beeping, the white noise alarm sounds more of a hissing sound; the noise is easy to hear by personnel in close proximity to the MEWP, but dissipates more quickly than a tonal alarm if not nearby due to technical acoustic differences in the alarm.

“On busy job sites, personnel can become unresponsive to competing warning alarms from various equipment. However, since the white noise alarm emits a directional, non-penetrating sound, it is more obvious where the sound is coming from. Therefore, it is only audible to people near the equipment and serves as an immediate reminder to pay attention,” says Genie Product Manager Bryan Williams.

In addition to crowded job sites, the alarm can be beneficial for environmentally sensitive work areas or for after-hours work in locations where minimizing public disturbance is important. The White Noise Alarm is now available as an option on all new Genie Slab Scissor Lifts, Telehandlers (ANSI only), Runabouts TM and AWPs, and will be available in Q1 2023 on Boom Lifts and Jib Lifts. RT scissors.

Spare parts kits will also be available for many existing machines. When fitted, the white noise alarm will be functional when the machine is in motion, such as when rolling and for uphill and downhill; the tonal alarm will remain in place and functional for all other machine alarms including tilt and overload.

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