Gina Lollobrigida’s will open: only half of the estate goes to her son

The opening of the will of Gina Lollobrigida should have extinguished the controversy and ended the accusations once and for all, but that’s not exactly the case. On the contrary. According to Corriere della Serathe notary Barbara Franceschini opened the will of the diva, died on January 16 at the age of 95and communicated his last wishes, expressed in the document drawn up on January 5, 2017. Half of his estate (approximately 10 million euros) is intended for his son Andrea Milko Skoficwhile the other half now goes to his handyman Andrea Piazzolla35, who had lived with her in the Roman villa since 2015 and took care of her daily needs, together with her partner and her daughter (named Gina in honor of Lollo).

The star has decided that the trust containing her artwork will still be administered by her assistant along with the entrepreneur Horacio Paganiwhile she passed on the collection of a hundred Etruscan vases to the Italian State.

The name of Francisco Javier Rigauwhose proxy marriage to the actress was annulled in 2019 by the Roman Rota, and who attended the funeral rather controversially, does not appear in the will.

“A lack of respect for Gina”

The target of Gina Lollobrigida’s family displeasure remains Andrea Piazzolla, who is accused of abuse of weakness, suspected of selling more than 350 of the actress’s possessions (including luxury cars, jewelry and artwork) and keeping the profits. A few days ago he told the show Domenica In his final moments with the star and his turbulent relationship with his son (which took him to court four years ago). “I have respect for justice, he said, but I think there was a lack of respect for Gina. If a person is perfectly fine, how can you take away a lawyer? And impose on him as a lawyer the partner of the firm who defended Milko, his son Dimitri and Rigau, who in turn appoints Rigau’s own consultant? Gina tried with all her might to appeal, but it was a bit of a fight in the wind. She asked to change the support administrator, but the judge put someone between Gina and the support administrator. How is it that when people are really in need, the justice system takes six months, a year…? And on the contrary, when he asked for something, the next day the decree arrived. »

The opening of the will clarifies the provisions of Gina Lollobrigida but, given the current cases, it is not certain that it will not lead to a new legal battle, in the wake of the animosity shown until ‘here Andrea Milko Skofic with respect to her mother’s assistant. Andrea Piazzolla’s lawyer, Francesca Romana Lupoi, said: “In legacies, it is the last will that has value. That of Lollobrigida is a recent, public will, deposited by the notary and containing his will. »

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