Girard-Perregaux bets on color for its new Laureato Absolute watch dedicated to the Chinese New Year

“Light & Fire” and “Light & Shade”. These are the names of the new versions of the Laureato Absolute watch from Girard-Perregaux. On the occasion of Chinese New Year, the brand reinvents its iconic timepiece by featuring a translucent red case and another in smoky gray sapphire crystal. From lines to curves, from modern to retro, the design plays on juxtaposition and gives it its charm.

The “Light & Shade” features a 44mm case made from metallic sapphire crystal that has undergone a 170-hour process that creates both a shimmering and hypnotic effect. As for the “Light & Fire”, it is housed in a YAG case, a new type of polycrystal, which has a wide variety of colors. Designed as a limited edition timepiece for the transition to the Year of the Rabbit, the hue malleability of this material was an important aspect for the design team. Girard-Perregaux, who notably wanted to use a deep red to imitate the embers of the flames and make a reference to this color so popular in China. It is also considered the national color, which embodies both happiness, beauty, success and good fortune. The watches Laureato Absolute are sold at a price of 99,600 dollars each, but come in two different formulas: the “Light & Shade” version and the “Light & Fire”, produced in a limited series of only 18 units.

First unveiled in 2019, the Laureato Absolute line is not only a modern homage to the original 1975 Laureato model, but also the brand’s craftsmanship and expertise inwatchmaking.


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