Global Finance awards a 3rd prize to the Attijariwafa bank group in 2022

Global Finance, an American magazine of international reference in the field of financial news, awarded the Attijariwafa bank group 3 prizes in 2022.

• In February, during the 23rd annual ranking of the best investment banks and sustainable finance, Attijariwafa bank was awarded the prize for “Best investment bank in Morocco”;
• In March, during the 29th annual “Best Banks Awards” ranking, the Group won the “Best Bank in Morocco” award;
• Finally, in October and as part of its 31st annual ranking of the safest banks in the world, Attijariwafa bank won the prize for “The safest bank in Morocco” in the “Banks in Africa” category.

To score and select the winners, the editors of Global Finance, with input from industry experts, used a range of criteria, including bank performance, market share, number and size of transactions, services and advice provided to clients, structuring capabilities, distribution network, efforts to respond to market conditions, innovation, pricing, after-sales underwriting performance and market reputation.

In addition, Global Finance selected the banks based on an assessment of the long-term foreign currency ratings – from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch – of the 500 largest banks in the world.

Global Finance is a renowned Anglo-Saxon monthly magazine, under the aegis of the “Class Editori” group, founded in 1987 and based in New York. Global Finance is distributed in more than 193 countries, published in English in 50,050 copies worldwide. It constitutes an international reference in the field of financial news.

Global Finance covers topics relating to the global finance industry, including corporate finance, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, currencies, banking, risk management, etc Global Finance is also a privileged media partner of the annual meetings of the IMF.


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