Global | The first results of the main round

To start this main round, several beautiful posters were offered to us like Sweden Hungary. In addition, Poland and Iran are officially eliminated

Defeated by the Blues two days ago, the Slovenes start the second round with an easy victory against brave Iranians (38-21), who have not followed the pace imposed by their opponent. The Blues roll out and ensure a good result against the Montenegro (35-24). Last meeting of the day at the Tauron Arena, the duel betweenSpain and the Poland will have been until the end of the first period, before the Iberians won a lead of four goals, kept until the final whistle (27-23).

In the second group, the Portugal and the Brazil will neutralize each other at the very end of the encounter, after playing cat and mouse throughout the encounter (28-28). L’Iceland and the Green cap will rain down the goals but it is indeed the Nordics who will win (40-30). Hanging on for part of the meeting, the Swedes will break away from the Hungary in the second act and start their preliminary round in the best possible way (37-28).

In Krakow, Théo Alleaume

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