Golf: Maha Haddioui at the Lalla Meryem Cup

This is the meeting place for the elite of women’s golf. Organized from February 6 to 11, 2023, the Lalla Meryem Cup, which is part of the Ladies European Tour (LET), welcomes 96 talented players. Among them, Maha Haddioui. Interview.

You are a renowned Moroccan golfer who has played on numerous circuits around the world. What a place for you Lalla Meryem Cup?

The Lalla Meryem Cup is the regular season tournament that is dearest to me. Because I play in my country, surrounded by my relatives, familiar faces and national golf players present all week. In addition to its impeccable organization, the quality of the courses and the welcome of the players, the Lalla Meryem Cup is also remarkable for the fact that it is the first tournament to have put women at the forefront of the stage at the same level as men. . Morocco was a pioneer, offering a strong sign with international reach. The Lalla Meryem Cup also has a special place for me because it is the competition that bears the name of Her Royal Highness, a strong, modern and elegant woman, like the Moroccan woman that I am proud to represent in as a golfer.

Often described as an ambassador of national golf, who inspired you? Where do you draw your strength from?

I draw my inspiration from my family who have always supported me. The course of top-level sportswomen like Nawal El Moutawakel also inspired me a lot. They were real role models for me.

In your opinion, what weight does women’s golf have today in the global and national sector?

Women’s national golf is not developed enough, even if a high-level women’s sector is in place. The FRMG and the Hassan II Trophy Association play a very important role in this regard, giving a place to women in golf in Morocco, whether as players or in the golf professions (organization, coaching, etc. ). Internationally, the gap with men is slowly but surely narrowing, and this, at the media, marketing or prize money level. The road is, of course, still long. But, I am proud to contribute to it, by also breaking down prejudices and barriers on Arab and Muslim women.

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