good experience or poor performance?

Hold up, overflowing philanthropy, overzealousness, the list of qualifiers is not exhaustive to describe this stupid pitfall of the Lionceaux de l’Atlas in the final of the U17 Arab Cup, against an Algerian team more than takeable. Indeed, a real beating loomed on the horizon as the lion cubs were dominating against an adversary lost on the ground, clumsy, nervous and increasingly aggressive due to the blindness of the Egyptian referee.

No less than three clear chances to bend the match definitively were disgustingly squandered in the second half. Worse, the overconfidence resulted in a relaxation among Moroccans who traded their serenity for exhibitionism, a question of teasing stands hostile to the Cubs since their first match in this cup as was the case for the U23s at the Mediterranean Games.

The ridicule reaches its climax when the encouragement of the public betrays a hatred by the voice and the gestures towards the youngsters, dumbfounded by the savagery. The cubs had a way of giving change in a civilized way, lifting the nets but…

Notwithstanding the reproaches made to our lion cubs, our kids must however benefit from extenuating circumstances, given the horrors experienced. They evolved on a potato field, a nightmare that we thought was over, they used to caress the leather on silk carpets in Moroccan stadiums. It is difficult for artists to fully express themselves and therefore not to reap the fruits of their labor and their talent.

Add to that, the invective and the insult or even the punches as we saw after the penalty shootout when the Moroccans were savagely molested by hordes of invaders coming out of nowhere. What can we say except that losing a final at the age of 17 must be perceived by our cubs as a good experience and not a poor performance.


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