great discounts on all Amazon connected speakers

What if you take advantage of the sales to equip yourself with a voice assistant? Exactly, Amazon is melting the prices on its connected speakers, which will accompany you on a daily basis. Alexa will quickly become your best friend!

Amazon does not just sell items from different manufacturers. The American firm has its own products. Among them, its connected speakers, which are very successful. The Echo Dots indeed have many advantages. They are very simple to install and use, since they are essentially controlled by voice. Their design is designed to appeal to as many people as possible and to blend in with the decor. Finally, they allow you to connect a large number of objects, such as light bulbs, sockets… Even if you don’t know anything about home automation, connecting your home will be child’s play with an Echo Dot.

Alexa, your voice assistant, will provide you with many services. She can give you the weather, make purchases, put on music, guide you in your cooking recipes… You will also be able to program routines to get you up with your favorite songs, and much more.

Sales: The Echo Dot 4 is on sale on the Amazon site

The Echo Dot 4 is the penultimate generation of Alexa connected speakers. For sales, it benefits from a superb reduction of 20%. Thus, you can find it on the site at a price of 47.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros. Its very elegant design does not denote in your interior. She will even be very discreet, until you call Alexa to ask her for information or a service. You can thus ask him what the weather will be like tomorrow, cooking recipes, to put the information… Do you lack motivation? Tell Alexa, and she’ll find something to help you do your tedious tasks by playing music.

The Echo Dot 4 also makes it easy to control your home by pairing your connected objects with it.

This voice speaker can also detect your presence and turn on your lights when you enter a room.

And to protect your privacy, you have the option to mute the microphone. Just press the mic button on the speaker, and it goes mute.

With your Echo Dot, have fun, make your shopping lists, start a timer, put on some music, create as many routines as you want. You can even communicate with other Echo Dots in your home. You will be able to simplify your life, all at a very low price.

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Echo Dot sales: quality discount on the latest generation

The Echo Dot 5 is the latest vocal speaker from Amazon, which has decided to keep the design of the Echo Dot 4, much appreciated for its sobriety. And for the sales, Amazon spoils you by offering you a 12% reduction on this voice assistant. Thus, you can find the latest generation of Echo Dot at a price of 52.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros.

This new Echo Dot model has the same features as its big sister: creation of routines, control of your connected objects, cooking recipes…

But it also includes some very attractive new features. The Echo Dot 5 now comes with a temperature sensor, letting you know how much it’s doing in your room. And if you pair it with a connected thermostat, you will be able to control your heating consumption like a pro.

The speaker has also undergone sound improvements, to give you an even more immersive and powerful sound experience. If you pair it with a second Echo Dot, 5, you can then enjoy stereo sound worthy of the best Home Cinemas!

If the new connected speaker from Amazon brings its share of innovations, it also keeps everything that made the success of the previous models. So you always have the option to mute your Echo Dot’s microphone if you want to protect your privacy. You will also still be able to communicate with other Echo Dot, of any generation. With its reduced price, it is impossible not to fall for the services provided by the Echo Dot 5!

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