Guardiola testifies in favor of Benjamin Mendy

As Benjamin Mendy’s trial continues, Pep Guardiola today gave his testimony. As a reminder, the Manchester City defender is accused of several attempted rapes and sexual assaults.

Benjamin Mendy

As part of the Benjamin Mendy trial, the Chester court welcomed a rather special witness on Monday, November 14. It is indeed Pep Guardiola who was invited to give his vision of the facts as close to the player. The famous Spanish coach described the Habs as “a very generous boy […] who likes to joke, have fun and make others have fun”reports Manchester Evening News.

If the former Barça coach therefore delivered a rather flattering description of the accused on certain points, the latter nevertheless insisted on recalling that he “was not his father” and that he didn’t know what his players were doing “outside of training and matches”.

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