Guillaume Musso announces a pause in his rhythm of one novel per year

Writer Guillaume Musso, number one in sales in France every year since 2011, plans to take a break from publishing a new novel every year, he told RTL.

In a radio interview on Wednesday, he said he doesn’t have a novel in the works that could be published in 2023.

“For the first time, I’m coming into January without having a book in progress,” he said.

“Which means that 2023 may be a blank year. Afterwards, you know, an idea for a book can fall on you, like that, and suddenly have an emergency,” he conceded.

Asked about the reasons for this break, he argued “a refocusing for a few years on both my family life, on my children, my parents”.

“My great source of joy, today, I owe it to my children. I know that all this will not last. They are nine years old, they are five years old. For me the worst thing, having missed your life, is arrive at a time and say to yourself: oh well, I have not seen my children grow up“, he added.

He plans to publish the comic book adaptation of “The Secret Life of Writers”, his 2019 novel, in October, with the drawing of the American Miles Hyman.

Guillaume Musso, 48, sold in 2022 according to the GfK institute 1.383 million copies of his books, all titles and formats combined. His next, Joël Dicker, sold less than a million.

Before the publication in September of the latest, “Angélique”, fourth best seller of 2022 according to GfK, he confided to AFP that he did not see this annual rhythm, followed relentlessly since 2005, as a constraint.

“It’s not one. That, really, is more something that is a factor of balance in my life than of constraint (…) It’s not a contractual constraint, really, ever. It there is no publisher who said to me: ah, it would be good if you did a novel a year”, he explained.





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