Guyana: First steering committee for AmazonActivity Valley, a high-tech city project on biodiversity

Production workshops, laboratories, nurseries, agricultural plots, housing for scientists: a construction programmed in Montsinéry-Tonnegrande and led by Mariana Royer of Bio Stratège, aims to make French Guiana a true global showcase in terms of biotechnology, with scopes ranging from beauty products, pharmaceuticals, or even the replacement of petrochemical molecules. His project, AmazonActivity Valley, is already supported by the municipality and the Banque des Territoires.

Mariana Royer, president and founder of Bio Stratège, summarizes her project at the microphone of Guyane la 1ère: “We can have a high-tech space station, and also have a high-tech biodiversity station, and stand out worldwide for that, because we are the only French and European Amazon. We are one of the last biodiversity hotspots, so we must become a leader in green alternative solutions for the global industry”. Several partners have already decided to follow the project, whether start-ups, agricultural players or renewable energies, with the desire to create a true circular economy.

A promising project according to Ismaël Ouanes, development manager at the Banque des Territoires Guyane, still at the microphone of Guyane la 1ère: “To see that it is possible to launch big projects, to do business, to develop resources, to have a positive image of French Guiana, because you have to know that Bio Stratège Guyane’s customers are located in French Guiana, but also in mainland France, and eventually internationally, so it’s this whole image of promoting Guyana that we’re trying to support and that we’re going to support over the long term”.

With an opening scheduled for 2025, the cost of the project is now estimated at 8 million euros. The first steering committee has been set up. The mayor, Patrick Lecante indicated that he was in favor of initiating a portage in the form of a Public Private Partnership “Type Station F” Guyanese style and making Montsinéry-Tonnegrande, the capital of Amazonian Green Tech.

Damien Chaillot

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