Hachim Mastour interested in Botola 1

Hashim Mastour

Hachim Mastour, the former great nugget of AC Milan and the youngest player to have worn the Atlas Lions tunic, is currently playing in Botola 2.

The former Malaga player signed less than a year ago at RCA Zemmamra in Botola 2 and had a good start to the season there. Being even the captain of the team trained by Said Chiba the former Moroccan international.

The 24-year-old Moroccan player who is gradually finding a more than interesting level and who is at the top of the Botola 2 ranking.

Mastour is therefore of interest to a club from Botola 1 and not the least since it is nothing more or less than the defending champion and African champion.

It seems that the Casablanca club wants to send an offer during this transfer window to the Zemmamra team.

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