Harassment of the people who develop our games is a major problem

Ahead of the 2023 Game Developers Conference, a study was carried out among video game developers in order to draw up an inventory of the sector. A total of 2,300 people were interviewed. The study is particularly interested in the issue of harassment by players against them.

The vast majority of these people (91%) consider this type of harassment to be a real problem and 40% say they have been victims or witnesses of it. Women and non-binary people, as well as those who identify as LGBTQ+ are the most likely to find themselves in these numbers.

Although such acts are publicly condemned by the majority of development studios, they only act in 68% of cases. Respondents want above all that the studios recognize the seriousness of the problem and that the actions of the culprits are not passion but toxic behavior. Victims are waiting for the fear of offending the fanbase to end by taking little or no action. Among the actions claimed are:

  • banishment of the culprits
  • Implementation of resources to help cope (hotline, legal advice, etc.)
  • Legal proceedings
  • Best community manager training

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