Harry hasn’t heard from his brother and father since the release of his memoir| NEWS

Prince Harry is increasingly isolated. Neither his father Charles III, nor his brother William would have had an exchange with him since the publication of his memoirs.

Was it too much work? In bookstores since Tuesday January 10, Prince Harry’s memoirs entitled “The Substitute” have so far sounded the death knell for relations between Harry and his family. If the king Charles III and the future heir to the throne William obviously did not react publicly to the release of this book which mistreats the royal family, nor have they communicated with Harry since.

“There has been no conversation or contact,” a source told The Sun recently. According to the British newspaper neither William nor Charles have exchanged calls, texts or emails with Harry in recent days.

A silence that says a lot about the disapproval of Charles III and William in the face of this great unpacking in the public square. For memory, Harry did not hesitate to scratch all the members of his family, in particular his older brother, whom he accused of violent gestures during an argument.

A likely meeting before the coronation

Charles III and William will however have to come out of this silence while the coronation of the new monarch will be held on May 6. Unless Prince Harry is not invited.

An unlikely option according to the Sunday Times which noted this weekend that a meeting between Harry and the rest of the British royal family would be considered before the coronation, with the aim of easing tensions. And for good reason, according to a source quoted by the newspaper, the absence of Harry and his wife Meghan Markle at this event could overshadow this major meeting for the royal family.

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