He has always been my best colt.

JORECAR DE FORGAN (103) will depart from Velleda Prize, Tuesday, in Vincennes (R-4). The opportunity to meet his trainer Hubert Combot (photo). By Stephane Davy.

Hubert, can you tell us about your professional background?

I started at Paul Billonin Vendée, before taking care of the foals in the stable of Claude Guedj. I then set up on my own in the early 2000s. First, in Brittany, with my parents, then in Mayenne, where I am still. At the moment, I train about fifteen trotters. At the same time, I do some breaking in and I raise calves.

A word about your 3-year-old lined up on Tuesday, in Vincennes…

I esteem him. He has always been my best colt. I failed to qualify him at 2-years-old. So we waited and took it back later. His first two races, in April, were disappointing. Since this summer, it’s better In Pornichet (ed. 3rd on August 25), it was great. And the last time, at Vincennes, he lacked weight and fell “light” on the descent. It will thus be closed on Tuesday. This will help him negotiate the descent. He is hard on the effort but, immediately, he lacks wisdom. On Tuesday, I hope to see him take a good check in order to spare him during the winter.”

He adds : “TROUGH PLAYER is inferior to him. With his winnings, I have no choice of races. He went to Romuald Mourice, in the Southeast, where a better program will come his way.”

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