“He promised me an apartment…”

While Cyril Hanouna is already at the heart of the controversy, after having received the Insoumis Louis Boyard on the set of TPMP, who attacked the boss of C8 and Canal Plus Vincent Bolloré, live, Baba is also overtaken by an old file that could cost him dearly.

“Cyril Hanouna made me great promises”

A video posted on the Web on November 12 shows Alex, a former homeless man who passed through the TPMP set this year, who complains of having been let go by the television star. The young man, who is around 20 years old, is now begging in the Paris metro, and explains to users that Cyril Hanouna has not kept his promises to him.

It thus ensures: “On April 7, 2021, I was publicized by a certain Cyril Hanouna: a gentleman who made me beautiful promises, who promised me an apartment and a job”. At the time, he was questioned about C8 because he had been fined 645 euros for not wearing a mask in the streets of Bordeaux.

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Very moved by his situation, Cyril Hanouna had offered to cover the bill, and had put him in contact with employers so that he could find a job, and be housed again. “We are really touched by your story (…) Thank you for your testimony, I hope it will move very quickly” he then explained to the young man in difficulty.

Unfortunately, all did not turn out for the best for Alex. And the latter now assures, disillusioned: “The reality, gentlemen and ladies, is that 8 months after my appearance on TV, my apartment, I am two months away from eviction, I can no longer pay my rent, my landlord is claiming €800 from me. and strangely, H2O production, I don’t hear from them anymore”.

What will Cyril Hanouna answer?

Angry with Cyril Hanouna in particular, Alex also accused : “He had promised me an apartment, a permit and a normal life. The reality, gentlemen and ladies, is that the permit I have never seen the color of it, the normal life I have never seen. the color and the apartment, it’s a maid’s room of 12m²”. A case that the television man will not fail to address this November 14, in a new issue of TPMP.


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