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On October 4 at 8 p.m., discover, as part of the magazine Routes on NC La 1ère, a documentary by Linda Teriierooiterai in which the New Caledonian dancer recounts her quest for identity on the path of her Polynesian ancestors.

Linda Teriierooiterai felt a visceral need to know more about her Polynesian origins. This quest had become essential to establish his identity, nourish his art and simply continue to live. “She thus followed a unique itinerary, both spiritual, cultural and artistic, starting from the Marquesas Islands where she had an anchor point. She then continued on her way according to encounters and the research she carried out”, underlines Dorothée Tromparent, the producer.
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The documentary “Here and beyond” recounts the route traveled by the Caledonian for a year. Almost twelve months, from island to island, from encounter to encounter, in search of answers to his questions. The artist is particularly sensitive to the symbols common to New Caledonian and Polynesian culture, such as the banyan or references to the world of the invisible. As if, despite the distance, the two lands came together. As if, through her soul, she was helping to weave the links between the two cultures. In this quest for life, dance occupies a central and essential place.

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