Here is the underside of the “sneaky deal” between Zwelivelile Mandela and Algiers

The Algerian regime is said to have promised to finance the activities of Nelson Mandela’s grandson by creating a Pan-African Foundation for him in which he will work to advocate for the “freedom of peoples”. This would be the main counterpart of the very controversial anti-Moroccan speech delivered by the South African during the opening of the African Local Football Championship (CHAN) in Algeria.

Zwelivelile known as “Mandla” Mandela, 48, was allegedly contacted by the Algerian authorities to give an openly anti-Moroccan political speech and to praise the Polisario militia, seeking to compare the Palestinian cause with that of the Sahrawi separatists, during the opening of CHAN, reveals Maghreb intelligence, which cites “several Algerian sources”.

The Baraki stadium was even renamed in honor of Nelson Mandela to give credibility to the political intervention of the South African.

For the sum of 100 thousand dollars, the Algerian authorities, in search of recognition for their separatist project in Morocco and the grandson of Nelson Mandela who is looking for new sources of financing to ensure his lifestyle and his notorious escapades, have carried out this operation of “corruption” which will take the form of a “Foundation”.

Algeria should thus be the backer of this Foundation, which will have as its main objective to serve Algerian separatist propaganda on the Sahara with Nelson Mandela’s grandson as roving ambassador.

The latter, whose business is based on the memory of his grandfather, would seek to expand his lobbying activities for “causes” related to hotbeds of tension on the African continent, outside of South Africa. where he has many legal setbacks with his relatives and the local authorities.

The pan-African site claims that the statements of Nelson Mandela’s grandson against Morocco during the opening ceremony of CHAN 2023 were carefully prepared and studied in consultation with the Algerian authorities to kick off this agreement.

In return for the financial support of Algeria, Zwelivelile Mandela will support Algeria’s diplomatic agenda in all its media or political interventions, indicates the same source.

The Algerian regime had long sought the occasion of a continental or international event to issue its separatist propaganda aimed at the territorial integrity of Morocco, with the aim of making media noise.

His scheme did not work during two events that were a fiasco, namely the Mediterranean Games, and the Arab Summit that Algeria organized a few months ago. Algiers’ insistence on including the Sahara (presenting it as a struggle for self-determination) in the agenda of activities was met with a resounding no from the Arab League, but the country nevertheless separated the Sahara from Morocco on the official map of the Arab League on a television channel before being forced to apologize claiming an error in the design.

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