Here is the unstoppable technique to not have chapped lips despite this cold


We found the miracle care for your damaged lips.

If the rain has calmed down in Belgium, the thermometer is at its lowest with up to -5°C expected soon. Yes, winter is well and truly installed, and the icy wind comes to freeze our extremities and chap our sweet lips. A method popularized by TikTok offers us a miracle solution to avoid having your mouth cracked, especially when you spend time outside. Her name ? Lip slugging.

This technique is in fact directly inspired by the Korean “slugging” which consists of coating the entire face with petroleum jelly during the night. Very popular in Asia, this beauty gesture would have benefits against winter ailments, including for our lips. Concretely, it is a question of first moisturizing his lips with a moisturizing cream that is generally used for the face. Then spread a thicker and oilier layer of lip balm or petroleum jelly to form a kind of protective layer above the first layer to help the absorption of moisturizers into the epidermis.

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The best ? Perform this little beauty ritual every night before going to bed. Indeed, it is easier to spread your very runny Vaseline on all of your lips when you are in bed than when you are at the office or on a date. By leaving the treatments on all night, you ensure good hydration when you wake up. You can then continue to use a lip balm during the day to continue to moisturize them regularly.

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