his memory honored by his city

A square in Mennecy now bears his name.

Three months after the sudden death of Luv Resval, his family and the town where he grew up decided to pay tribute to him, by naming a new square after him.

The last months of the year 2022 were marked by a terrible drama in the French rap game, the death of Luv Resval. The young rapper died after a severe asthma attack at just 24 years old on October 21. If his fans were deeply shocked, it was no less for many French artists, who also paid tribute to him or for his manager, cokeinwho spoke at length in a interview for The Parisian.

Today, the town of Mennecy has decided to honor him. In effect, the municipality of the commune inaugurated, in agreement with the family of the artist, a square of 3000 m2. The square Luv Resval was born on Sunday January 15, a beautiful tribute. Located on the courtyard of an old farmhouse, it is also right next to the Marie Laurencin multi-purpose high school, where Luv studied. The mayor of Mennecy, who spoke about the inauguration, said:

“Discussing with the family, we said to ourselves that it made sense to baptize this square in homage to this young man from the city who had a dazzling success”.

A symbolic gesture to pay tribute to a talented artist.


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