Hogwarts Legacy Reveals With 45-Minute Gameplay

The game adapted from the universe ofHarry Potter showed some new aspects during a stream from its developers.

The quartet composed of game director Alan Tew, senior environment artist Boston Madsen, community manager Chandler Wood and community host James Whitehead had the mission to present the gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy, on November 11. The approach of its release, on February 23, pushes the Avalanche studio to reveal a little more about its ambitious project. For starters, a long passage dedicated to the creation of the main character reassured the possibility of the editor, really giving the possibility of creating the Hogwarts student of their dreams via a multitude of options. Create a magician or a magician resembling you, a totally original character, or on the contrary reproduce an emblematic hero of the saga Harry Potter : everything is possible.

The owner’s turn

Then, the presentation began with a short tour of Hogwarts castle, starting with the Hufflepuff room. If we already knew that the environments would the object of special care, their level of detail and the reunion with iconic places of the saga convinced the most skeptical. A map displayed at the bottom of the screen allows you to find your bearings in the blink of an eye in the maze of Hogwarts. A promising taste, especially since there is still to discover the exteriors, promised as numerous and rich in side quests and more or less dangerous encounters.

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fights and wands

This exhaustive presentation ended with the highly anticipated combat phases. The player will have 16 spells accessible directly via an options wheel. It will be possible to train on a dummy, but it is during the real clashes that each power will show its effectiveness. A bit like a rock-paper-scissors, each is represented by a color, more or less effective against another. It is also possible to do dodges and counter-attacks, for a result that is very dynamic. In summary, these 45 minutes will have made you want to discover even more, despite the controversies still very strong around the creator of this universe, JK Rowling.

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