HOLD THE LINE is really built to succeed under the saddle.

By Stephane Davy. For his first starter as a coach, Enzo Lelievre (photo) led to victory HIGH COAST AT NIGHT, January 6th. After joining the workforce of André LeCourtois, at the start of 2020, the young man who has just celebrated his 22nd birthday decided to take over from his former boss, a newly retired. With his companion Oceane Leduche now oversees the destiny of some sixty trotters, including HOLD THE LINE (604)which will be on track on Friday at Cordemais (R-2) in the SECF Prize.

“The horse is in excellent physical condition. He has also just improved his personal best, recently on the Large Track (note, 5th on January 10). He was courageous that day. Previously, at Le Mans , for his debut under saddle, I really liked his behavior. His end of race was interesting. So, I opted for this other mounted trotting race. He is really cut out to go and succeed under saddle. He has staying power. He’s a good left-hander. He’s a complete horse, but I prefer his rider to hide the effort, and this with the idea of ​​preserving him. Besides, I believe that I have the appropriate jockey to “track.” I rely on him. GRANITE FROM GERS (814) will also be on track the same day, at Cordemais. The horse is in good shape. He is in his class. With him, we will probably wait and do the last 500-600 meters. Thanks to a rhythmic race, a place is possible. Note that I prefer it with a volley start and a rope to the left.”

He adds: “As for HIGH COAST AT NIGHT, she should run on Sunday, as an apprentice, in Graignes.”

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