HomePod Max: a new concept with an interactive touch screen

HomePod Max: a new concept with an interactive touch screen

Will there be a new HomePod ? Nothing is less certain for the moment. However, rumors insist on the existence of a plus size model which should be launched soon. When exactly ? We ignore it. But according to the very knowledgeable Mark Gurman, it should be for this beginning of the year 2023.

Waiting for, Parker Ortolani has created an original concept of this future HomePod in which he mixes elements from rumors and features that he would like to find on this product.

Finally a successor to the HomePod of 2018?

It may be too early to tell. However, it’s about time the original HomePod finally got a successor. As a reminder, this model
not sold since 2021. And the
HomePod mini that remains on the shelves does not necessarily meet the current needs of fans of Apple’s smart speaker, especially as competing speakers become more and more modern.

In the concept that he developed, Parker Ortolani gave the name of HomePod Max to the next speaker from Apple, just to adapt to the evolution of product names. He also adds two new color options : beige and deep purple.

The new HomePod also incorporates a new interactive touch screen on top. baptized homeOS, this screen is erected as the main means of interacting with the HomePod. This has, for example, an interface similar to iOS, a timer, as well as Homekit, intercom and audio playback controls.

Remember that this is only a concept of theIdeal HomePod. But if Apple has a new model in its boxes, it should not stray too far from this concept.

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