“Horsy Dream worked well”, according to Pierre Belloche

It is undoubtedly one of the best impressions of this Monday morning on the Grosbois training center. Horsy Dream first appeared very calm, serene, as sure of himself in the boxes of Pierre Belloche, who lodges his twenty boarders in the former establishment of Jean-Pierre Viel and Mathieu Mottier, very close to the entrance to the estate . Then the son of Scipio du Goutier went on the track, for the first time, around 9 a.m., with his trainer in charge, for a warm-up. Direction the big track. The sky is gray, low. The temperature will not exceed 2°C this morning. And a light wind blows at the edge of the big track. The climatic conditions, ultimately rather mild for the time, allowed several contenders for the Prix d’Amérique to be there. On the job. In a few minutes, Horsy Dream, Hooker Berry, Landret Hussar and Vernissage Grif pass before our eyes. Concluded by an acceleration which already says a lot about the physical condition of one of the favorites of the big race on Sunday (our shot), the first heat ofHorsy Dream, roped to the right, was then followed by a second outing, this time in the woods, out of sight. A second equally convincing heat according to Pierre Belloche: “The horse worked well, he was very supple and very cheerful. Rather pleasant. I made him a first heat to warm him up well to judge his degrees of freshness and suppleness. He did four kilometers and a small back outing. He was fine, answered in the hands. It bounces well on the track. Then the second heat was performed on the different straight lines of the wood. He alternated a “Royale”, two “Boissy” and he finished on a “Marolles”. I really like these surfaces. I found that the humidity was more marked on these tracks”.

“Confidence with my horse”

A few minutes later, whenHorsy Dream drying under thick blankets in his box, Pierre Belloche, obviously very serene too, confided in his state of mind and his way of life in the last days preceding the Prix d’Amérique. “I am confident with my horse because I am with him every day and I feel that everything is fine. He is well in his head, flexible, cheerful. The pressure will rise slowly, but it will be there especially when I leave the horse, when he is on the track. The pre-race and the race are going to be tense, that’s logical. And to conclude by answering the question of whether he would be surprised to see him win on Sunday? “I don’t think we can be surprised, because he made an impression and we talk about him a lot, even if it’s not just him. Afterwards, it will take a big Horsy Dream to win.”

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