how to convert web page to pdf file

For owners of an iPad or an iPhone, here is a handy trick that could perhaps simplify your life: convert a Web page into a PDF document. If this trick is likely to interest you, we explain how to do it with the help of a tablet running iPadOS 15 (or later). Note that the following trick works the same way with an iPhone.

iPhone PDF

With the proliferation of regular updates to the iOS mobile operating system, such as the recent iOS 16 update, Apple can surprise users of an iPad or iPhone by hiding tricks that can be very useful in everyday life, whether in the office or at home. In this article, we will show you how convert a web page to a PDF document if you don’t have a printer.

For information, it is necessary to have an iPhone with iOS 15 (or later version) or an iPad with iPad OS 15 (or higher model).

Convert Web Page to PDF File in 4 Steps

To illustrate our trick, we took the example of an article posted on the Phonandroid site and used version 109 of the Chrome application from an iPad. And as a reminder, as mentioned above, the functionality is also available with an iPhone.

  1. To do this, simply install or open the Chrome application of the iPad or iPhone and enter the URL address of the desired web page. Then, press the “Share” icon and select “Print” (see below).web page to PDF doc
  2. A dialog opens and, of course, there is no printer attached to the iPad or iPhone. But next to the mention “Print options” there is a blue icon surrounded by red in the screenshot below.iOS print blue icon
  3. This is when another dialog box also opens and invites you to save the document in question, which is now in PDF format. To do this, it is recommended to press “Save to Files”.save pdf ios
  4. You can save in iCloud or “On my iPad”. To illustrate this trick, we chose “On my iPad”. You are free to direct the file to the desired folder. You can finally save the PDF to your tablet and use it as you see fit.iPad PDF document storage

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