How to recover data from formatted SD card on Windows?

You have accidentally formatted your SD card and you are wondering if it is possible to recover card data ? How to recover this data? Rest assured, it is quite possible to regain access to the files of a formatted sd card. This for the simple and good reason that the data is not deleted when an SD card is formatted, they are simply no longer accessible. Be careful, however, not to save other files on top of it, otherwise your data will be overwritten and permanently lost.

We will see together how to recover your data by yourself; using simple software.

How to recover data from formatted SD card?

It should first be clarified that there is no need to panic if you end up with a formatted SD card. The data you saved on your SD card is still stored there., even after formatting. Formatting does not mean disappearance. Only you can no longer access it. Is it final? No, there is software that can recover data from a formatted SD card. The mistake not to do is to backup other files after formatting. Unfortunately, this action will make the data disappear. Stop using the SD card until your files are recovered, do not add new items to it, and do not format it again even if the pc asks you to.

Solution 1: Recover files from SD card formatted with 4DDiG

To recover your data from a formatted SD card, probably one of the easiest ways is to use a software designed for this purpose. This is the case of the 4DDiG solution which you can download from this link .

4DDiG is a data recovery and repair software. You can use it for an SD card but also for a computer, an external or internal reader or a USB flash disk.

Whatever the causes of data formatting, mishandling, virus, system corruption, 4DDiG will allow you to recover your files. This is a complete solutioneasy to use, which also scans long-hidden files with its advanced algorithm.

So how do you go about recovering your data with 4DDiG?

First, start with connect your SD card to your computer and download the software. Run it once it’s done.

On the interface that appears, you are asked to select a location to recover. Then click on the one that corresponds to your SD card. If you can’t find the location or forgot its name, click Analyzethe software will scan your entire computer.

At the end of the analysis, you will see the list of data that is stored on your formatted SD card and to which you no longer had access. Select them.

Press on Retrieve.

Finally, choose where your restored files will be saved. It should be different from where they were stored before formatting.

Click on OK. And There you go. It’s as simple as that. You have recovered the files you thought were gone forever.

Recover data from formatted sd card from backup

Solution 2: Recover data from formatted sd card from backup (if any)

There are other ways to recover data from a formatted SD card.

If you have regularly backed up your data, then recovering it is easy. You can indeed restore your files from backup. By going to settings, system, backup, you can start restoring your device. This will take you back to when you last saved your data.

Be careful, if you decide to restore your computer for example, everything that has not been backed up will be lost. Do not rush, this manipulation can make you lose essential data if you do it wrong.

Another, more technical way is to try to recover the files via CMD. This is the Windows Command Prompt. Here’s how:

  1. plug in your SD card to your computer via a reader
  2. Check, in This PC Where Disk Managementthe drive letter
  3. Type cmd in the Windows search box. Right click and run as administrator.
  4. Type “chkdsk F: /r” in the command prompt and press Hall. If it says the volume is in use, you can type O and press Hall.

Finally, there is a last solution if the other methods did not give anything, it is to contact a specialized laboratory. Yes, it exists! These are laboratories that carry out diagnoses very advanced, disassemble your storage media to recover your data. The disadvantage is that it is a very expensive operation, not less than 100 euros in general. It really has to be data of great importance.

How to Avoid Data Loss on SD Card

Prevention is better than cure. Rather than having to search for solutions to recover your data, you can take precautions to secure data. from your SD card.

The best prevention is to back up your files regularly. Thus, even in the event of a complete format, you will be able to find your data thanks to a restoration.

You can back up manually your files on your computer by copying and pasting. This method can be time-consuming if the files are large.

You can use backup software (system, disk, partition, file backups, backup schedule, etc.).

Finally, take care of your SD cards. They are certainly solid but storing them in your pocket, exposing them to dust, intense heat, direct light or humidity may damage them.


As you will have understood, it is important to take precautions with your SD cards. Have good habits back up regularly your data on your computer, in a safe place, and to be careful not to damage your card.

If despite your prevention and your precautions, you lose your data, for one reason or another, the easiest way to recover them is to use suitable software. 4DDiG, in this case, does the job very well and allows you to recover data lost following formatting, a virus or an accident.

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