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Huawei Mate 50 series is the company’s very first smartphone to appear with satellite communication support. And the Chinese tech maker isn’t going to stop there. The new information suggests that Huawei obtains another patent for satellite communication functions.

The latest reports arrive from the Tianyancha app and read the title of the patent as communication method and device. Ultimately, this is a sign that once again Huawei has indulged in the ways of satellite communications by patent.

Before moving on to the details provided by the new patent, let us recall a few specific points concerning the Technology. Generally, satellite communication is a reflexive function that makes it possible to deal with emergencies.

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The particularity of your device allows you to make calls and other communications services. Plus, it supports multiple locations, displays maps, and scans codes up to 8-10 times without affecting battery life. On the other hand, it also allows the use of satellite message functions.

Satellite communication patented by Huawei

New patent – ​​New information

Although, according to the new patent, Huawei’s upcoming satellite communication functions are more improved and secure. The details indicate that the current perception revolves around the technical field of wireless communication.

Therefore, the communication device can support random access with the satellite relative to the first acquired position. Further, it will arrange uplink communication actions with the satellite according to the second position information.

These stations play an essential role in establishing the functionalities of the satellite communication. Therefore, the accuracy rate of the second position information is higher than that of the first position. Thus, the position information of the satellites is divided into various accuracies.

Eventually, it will help the communication device to get the position information and movement information of the satellites with different communication process. As a result, the device will receive better transmission quality. In addition, high-accuracy position security will also receive improvements.

This patent also gives the idea that after the Mate 50 series, we could find the thoughtful satellite communication function in other Huawei devices.

Satellite communication patented by Huawei


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