Huge cold snap for the Lakers on the market!

The training camp period is fast approaching, which pushes the Lakers to activate in their quest for reinforcements. Unfortunately for them, the various targets they covet are proving increasingly difficult to recruit according to the latest news!

Their window of opportunity is shrinking a little more each day, which is certainly not their business. It is no longer a secret for anyone: the Lakers would still like to make a few changes to their workforce before the start of the new season. For this, they have been multiplying the tracks for a few weeks, without managing to deepen them as much as they would like. Blame it on the price set by rival teams, but also on their relative reluctance.

If, for example, they wish to separate from Russell Westbrook, the Angelinos will necessarily have to sacrifice one, or even several first-round picks. However, so far, impossible for them to find an opposing franchise ready to recover the Brodie, while offering them good players in return. The two most likely exit doors available to the star leader have just closed a little more in front of him.

Four big targets walk away from the Lakers

In his podcast “The Lowe Post”, Zach Lowe fromESPN claims that the Jazz do not intend to give gifts to the Purple & Gold, nor to the other teams which hope to recover one of their players placed on the transfer list:

The second package that Utah would like to get rid of is made up of (Jordan) Clarkson, (Bojan) Bogdanovic and (Malik) Beasley. From what I’ve heard from the league, the Jazz believe each of these three players is worth a first-round pick. If so, then there will be no deal, it’s dead.

At present, it therefore seems unlikely that LA will get their hands on Clarkson or Bogdanovic, who have both been on their radar for a few days. Indeed, simply getting one of them in exchange for Russ and a pick would be too expensive in the eyes of Rob Pelinka and his deputies. Same observation in the joint files Buddy Hield and Myles Turner, since the requirements of Indiana remain there too high for their taste according to Lowe:

I come back to Buddy Hield and Myles Turner again, but what I can tell you, and being almost 100% sure of myself, is that the Lakers will have to put their two first-round picks on the table just to that the Pacers agree to discuss this deal.

Weeks go by, and the Lakers’ task of bolstering their roster doesn’t get any easier. Quite the contrary. To see if the leaders will end up giving in to the demands of their interlocutors as the start of the season approaches!

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