I consider it competitive for obtaining a place.

Benoit Beluze will delegate two runners in the claim Rethondes prices, Thursday, at Vincennes; He delivered his impressions to our journalist St├ęphane Davy :

JIM DECONROS (803) joined my team recently, at the beginning of the month, after his exit in a claiming race, in Agen. He gives me job satisfaction. His driver will have to do his best to relax him because this colt would tend to pull. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the game. Then, it is not impossible that I present it under the saddle.

BORDES JACKPOT (812) set a decent time last month at Vincennes. Especially since that day, he had not been spoiled by his number outside behind the autostart. In training, he is a cold horse. Thursday, I consider it competitive for obtaining a place.”

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