I don’t finish my tasks!

My superior reproached me that I was too slow (we really have a lot of work). I actually have a really hard time finishing my tasks, usually I start something, then the moment I get to a part that “I don’t like” I stop and move on and I find myself with a lot of delay and reproaches!
What do you recommend ?

It is already a good thing that you have analyzed the cause of this problem which generates reproaches on the part of your superior and also stress for you. If you really want that to change, it is possible!

The spiral of demotivation and procrastination

As you certainly know, procrastination consists of putting off the tasks to be done almost endlessly, and it very often generates a spiral of demotivation. Thus, you agree with your superior on a deadline concerning a file, you enthusiastically attack the work, but you do not finish it. This motivates you, so you start another file and the process repeats endlessly.
So, first, make sure you don’t have too much…

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