“I have to learn to cut off the floor”

Regular columnist for the France 5 program, the 32-year-old journalist is preparing to replace Karim Rissouli at the presentation throughout the spring. A real challenge for this adventurer who worked for Radio Nova, Paris Première and Arte.

The viewers of It tonight surely didn’t notice anything on October 31st. But, on the set of the daily France 5, Camille Diao has “really freaked out”. Not because of Halloween, nor the subject of the day dedicated to Putin – which was however not reassuring. That evening, the columnist experienced the anguish of the first time by taking the helm of the program in place of Karim Rissouli, absent. Until now, we appreciated her regular appearances on the debate show to launch a question, offer insight and punctuate the hour of discussion with a cultural choice, which she always wants to be eclectic… Since then, the 32-year-old journalist has jumped a handful of times in the deep end of the presentation. Before the high seas: Karim Rissouli’s now official joker, she is preparing to replace him all spring, during paternity leave.

The aquatic metaphor may be worn-out, but for Camille Diao it works well. “My career was built by chance”, she says. We dare not say currents. Like this opportunity to replace Karim Rissouli, which she did not expect. “He told me about it in September over a drink, I was so surprised that at first I took it for a joke. » Being surprised has earned him some bizarre navigational choices. As a teenager, she dreams of working in the music industry, but passes a scientific baccalaureate, option engineering sciences. Then joined Sciences Po, on the advice of his civil servant parents. And continues with a master’s degree in communication, which immediately disgusts her, to the point of taking a gap year. Which she finally devotes to an internship in a record company and at Radio Nova, where she understands her attachment to journalism.

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