I think he is capable of imposing himself.

Contacted by our journalist St├ęphane Davy, Denis Brossard talks about his starters Monday, in Agen (R-3).

JERIDAN (413) has not yet run. We’ve been patient with him, but he hasn’t really evolved physically. He seemed a bit limited to me at first but he pleasantly surprised me the day he took his first steps. He is nice. He’s going to race. In this category, he has the right to appear. We will try to make him earn a living in the spring and this summer.

HERMES ANGEL (510) is in good shape. It has proven its effectiveness under the saddle. He ran three times in the discipline, counting two victories and a 2nd place. That day, at Beaumont, his young partner had been slow to throw him but the horse had finished quickly to rank 2nd. The commitment is favorable. He doesn’t really have any faults, although since I trained him he has galloped off twice. It is up to its pilot to be vigilant when leaving. Monday, he ticks boxes. If he has no hazards along the way, I think he is capable of winning. He also has a good year as a 6-year-old, to be reread, especially since he goes tight on the left and on the right.

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