I think she can stand out.

By Stephane Davy. Installed in the Center-East, Hervé Chauve-Laffay rarely delegates its boarders to the Paris region. However, it must be emphasized that he moves there wisely. A trend that could be confirmed on Tuesday, Vincennes (R-4)with DESTINED HERD (414)candidate for Pontarlier price. Encounter.

“She went through the claiming box at the age of 4. In the end, she stayed at the stable. It’s not so bad because she has progressed well over time. She won three races last year, and also took many places. Since then, the mare has run at the end of December in Cagnes-sur-Mer. That day, she got off to a good start. Unfortunately, with the relay game, she s found herself at the back of the peloton. And, in the end, Quentin who was driving her found himself locked in. He was slow to find the passage and the mare finished well outside but it was too late to hope for a better classification. It’s sport. You have to accept it. The mare has lost none of her good physical condition. She is not a great champion but she is serious and complete. She combines speed and poise. She will rope on the left as well as on the right, even if I find her slightly more comfortable on left-hand tracks. She knows how to do everything. On Tuesday, she will evolve on the small track but she would have also made the trip to this race had taken place on the Large Track. Tuesday, the racing conditions are interesting, which motivates our trip. I preferred this race to another in the region, where she had to face 5-year-olds. She is in good condition. We come to Vincennes with the intention of doing well. I just hope that she will be able to benefit from a better course of the race than last time and that she will be able to set her point of speed at the right time. If that’s the case, I think she can stand out.”

He adds : “HOLLYWOD LOULOU was recently disqualified at La Soie. It has means but it is not everyday. Note that he remains complicated on the trot, which is why I am trying to find races for him on the trot.”

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