I want to participate in the chaos, where the disarticulation of physical sensations

Presented until February 4 at Periscope, “I want to participate in the chaos” is a confusing and successful proposal, which offers intense paintings, imbued with a grace as raw as it is sensitive.

Based on an accident experience lived in 2008, Eliot Laprise digs the intimate desire that leads him to want to feel again in his flesh the physical intensity of the moment and all that it opens up to him as possibilities of experience. , in his relationship to himself and to the other. The human body is the first material of this work devoid of text, at the crossroads of contemporary dance, aesthetic and scenographic research, “I want to participate in chaos” certainly ranks in the category of OTNI, non-theatrical objects identified. All the more reason to discover this proposal, completely original and which addresses the theme of the relationship to the body in a relevant and interesting way.

On stage, bodies intersect. Jerky bodies that collide and throw themselves on the ground, body-accidents that disarticulate, tottering bodies that get up on their own or through other bodies, the choreography accentuates physical pain through the repetition of gestures. This iterative work appears as an attempt to solve the impossible equation that would break down the wall created by the body between oneself and the rest of the world. The physical work of the performers, Sonia Montminy, Nelly Paquentin, Fabien Piché, Léa Ratycz Légaré & Alexandrine Warren offer an impressive performance, which we must highlight.

Visually, the lighting effects, the design and integration of video projections (which we owe to Émile Beauchemin) and the live music (remarkable Jean-Michel Letendre Veilleux) plunge the spectator into an ocean of sensations and emotions. In this regard, the last painting is as successful as it is fascinating.

“I want to take part in chaos”, announced as “a punk research on our awareness of the other”, is in the end no doubt less punk than dislocated, which is perfectly appropriate for Eliot Laprise. The work would be just as impactful regardless of the initial purpose of the accident, and leave the imagination of the spectators free to interpret what they see on stage. On this subject, it is undoubtedly more interesting to enjoy the show to be a little high up in the Periscope room.

Further information

  • Tickets and complements around the show
  • Original idea, direction and video production: Eliot Laprise
  • Choreography: Eliot Laprise, Fabien Piché & Ariane Voineau
  • Lighting, design and video integration: Emile Beauchemin
  • Scenography and costumes: Vanessa Cadrin
  • Musical Direction & Live Disc Jockey: Jean-Michel Letendre Veilleux
  • Production manager: Hélène Rheault
  • Performance and creative collaboration: Sonia Montminy, Nelly Paquentin, Fabien Piché, Léa Ratycz Légaré & Alexandrine Warren

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